Video: Aidus, a Brush with the Arcane, by Eluveitie!

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After Ategnatos hit in 2019, the RMR crew here deplored the increasingly commercial posture Eluveitie took. And after that, a long time of much nada followed that full-length album.1) If you ignore the occasional appearance of da master in somewhat strange productions, that is.

Now, much to my surprise, we saw Chrigel Glanzmann and his gang cooperate on Faun’s piece Gwydion2) not that long ago. And that action added much-needed spice to an increasingly listless production of the German folk artists. But I digress, this would be fodder for another review.

Now, Aidus here is the complete opposite. The clip positively exudes explosive arcane power that’s supported by an equally powerful cinematography. The song itself is typical Eluveitie fare, albeit delivered with some incredible gusto that we haven’t heard for a long time from those folks. And – to top it – the reel comes garnished with archaic instruments like the carnyx. I just loved the mystique of it all.

Now, the clip itself builds considerable tension right off the bat. First, you’ll notice that Eluveitie came away from the silly metal-band-in-the-woods theme. And that’s a true relief. Instead, they step into the world of pagan lore in all its arcane beauty, all shot in different shades of whites and greys.

This alternates with powerful displays of the band at their metal work in a different setting. Again, all of that comes in blacks and whites, delivered with murderous precision. And trve brutality emanates from Glanzmann, whereas Fabienne Erni shines resplendently in her role as high-priestess. And didn’t we love the extended momentum built with those micro speed-ups, like when the flute starts playing. In fact, the whole mise-en-scène is state of the art. Subtle, but powerful and never overwhelming. And they didn’t even use one single drop of blood but instead went for powerful imagery, symbolism, and a delicately spun storyline founded in pagan lore.

In short, Aidus turned out to be excellent fare. A video that depicts the mysterious ways of Celtic paganism with a metal tinge in a way not seen to date. That’s pretty crafty mastery right there. Metal just invaded Heilung’s holy amplified soundscapes with sure-fire energy and hardened steel. I love it.

But let’s not waste any more time. Here’s the video. Let ‘er roar, you won’t regret it.

LabelNuclear Blast | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 2 June 2022


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