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Ah, the folks with the astro-tongues are on the prowl again with All the Rage, their newest video.1) But this time, they move away from the land of the weird straight into – blasphemy and inquisition. A soundscape that the underground extremists of metal like to occupy. Or – failing that – the surface skimmers of the lore of satan and other juicy arcane bits. But those are just for show, ain’t they?

And indeed, Hex A.D. and their new clip All The Rage seem to embrace those old-style Heavy Metal vibes. That’s bowled home by the neat guitar contribution of one Rowan Robertson. You know, the one with Dio’s Lock Up the Wolves of decades ago. And good ol’ Dio was called a satanist more than once.

We liked Hex A.D.‘s slight change in style with Rick Hagan grating away like the best of them. There’s new grit and aggression in their tune, and – indeed – a spring in their step. Oh, and methinks that the oldish Hammond sound now fits much better into their tune than before. And that’s quite a statement of faith from this crew.

As to the clip itself, they did spice up the time-worn band-on-the-stage theme enough with those juicy pseudo-arcane stereotypes to fire up our Hollywoodian neurons. Shot in black-and-white, the somewhat scratchy video perfectly aligns with the music. And – last but not least – with the performance of the band. The clip is so full of cliché, some evil chuckles erupted from obscure corners of the vast RMR office suite. But that’s all good and nothing to worry about. Just sayin’.

Now, all that newfound cross-laden energy awakened that unholy hunger for more Hex A.D. over here. So let’s see what their upcoming album Funeral Tango for Gods & Men – due out in October – will saddle us with.

But in the meantime, this video is All the Rage. Check it out!

Label: Fresh Tea | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 18 June 2021


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