Video: Breath, or the lack thereof. By Rioghan!

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Pretty much one year ago, Rioghan appeared on our radar with her 2021 blurb Blackened Sky. The RMR crew was greatly impressed by the insane talent on display from someone so young. So, our valiant scouts kept a sturdy lookout for that first album that certainly should drop at some point.

And indeed, Different Kinds Of Losses has been announced for later in 2022.1) This is splendid news. Apart from the apparent involvement of one Einar Solberg, whose new-found style clearly didn’t garner any brownie points over here.2) At all. Let’s just hope that those annoying and endless wails won’t bleed too much into her new record. But whatever the future may bring, today is a good time to waste some ink on Breath, Rioghan‘s newest clip.

The track itself tells a story of apparent suicidal urges that comes on a relatively simple song structure and ends with a pretty juicy progression. However, the clip had us mesmerized. This is the perfect gothic tableau without blood and gore. Subtle hints of breathing (or the lack thereof), insinuations of dark urges, and equally somber desires, of the afterlife that somehow beckons us. And the film crew did this basically on two frugal stage sets that gorge on dead flowers, an abundance of moss, veils, and eyes set in violet color. A gluttony of hidden messaging in slow motion that recites a disturbing poem that comes in misty 2-second shots.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. So, don’t be a stranger and hit the link. Breath demands your presence.

Label: Inverse Records | Web: Facebook (band)
Release Date: 9 March 2022


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