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RockmusicRaider Video - Dark Sarah - The Gods Speak - Single Cover

Dark Sarah always kind of moved about the periphery of the RockmusicRaider rocky multiverse. Often just a short radar blip on occasion, the RMR deck crew nevertheless is pretty conscious of them. Now, we just stumbled across their newest video The Gods Speak.

And at first, it feels like your usual Symphonic Metal piece of work. But then take this: The track features Marko Hietala (Nightwish) and Zuberoa Aznárez (Tragul, Diabulus in Musica). ‘Tis a pretty cool constellation. And why am I not surprised to see Zuberoa all of a sudden appear with Dark Sarah. She’s been active outside of her own hunting grounds a lot lately. Hietela – to the contrary – is known for his guest appearances.

Okay, admitted, it is a lyrics video, and this is usually pretty boring. Yet, The Gods Speak clip wraps around a nicely subdued Steampunk theme. And that kind of saves it from being ditched altogether.

But I really liked this seamless mix of Symphonic Metal and Cinematic Metal all combined. The slight progression felt throughout and the expertly interpreted lyrics add to the allure. That they kept the bombast to bearable levels is further proof of the quality, too.

In the end, you get some kind of an extended version that Nightwish already hinted at in Dark Passion Play many moons ago. Now, if this clip is any reference, then I am really looking forward to their upcoming album The Golden Moth. Stay tuned for more of that band on this channel.

Below is the video. You can also find this song on our playlists on YouTube and Spotify.


Label: Inner Wound Recordings | Web: Official Site
Release date: 24 August 2018

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