Newsflash: Hitman starts The Offering!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Hitman - The Offering Side 1 - Album Cover

The Canadian East seems to be afloat with reckless rockers. Those in love with high octane, scratchy rock’n’roll that will just get on your good side. There must be something in the water that generates crunch and genuine oomph. But whatever the reason may be, this is jolly good news for us rock adepts.

The RockmusicRaider deck crew already came across this devil-may-care attitude with bands like the excellent Last Bullet or again Vinyl Hero. But none do it with more abandon than the Halifax-based Hitman and their first installment of an EP The Offering: Side 1.

The decidedly short 17 minute blurb serves a steaming mix of fast-moving Stoner and Heavy Rock. All that served on a bed of typical down-turned guitars and drum work straight out of the good ‘ol times of Hard Rock. The vocals, belted out in a whiskey sore voice, just add enough spice to turn up the volume some more.

The Offering: Side 1 exudes a corny type of old-time groove that I seldom find these days. This is how Stoner Rock ought to sound, full of long-gone flavors reminiscent of early Black Sabbath and Judas Priest combined. With a few additional amps added to the fray, of course – because they can.

So, here’s to a juicy slice of rock, straight from the cold shores of Canada. Go and get some, you will not be disappointed.

Hitman are:
Jordan Rose – Vocals
Corey Norman – Guitars
Andrew Coutts – Bass
Sylvain Coderre – Drums

The Offering: Side 1 will air on 14 September 2018, with the second part expected by sometimes in 2019.

Check out the video below for a taste, or hit the RockmusicRaider playlist on YouTube


Label: Self-Released  | Web: Facebook

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