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RockmusicRaider Video - Godhead Machinery - Praise The Flesh - Song Cover

Music videos are legion. You find all sorts, usually with bands showing off in egocentric theatrics. Jumping about in wild metal bliss, as if the punk movement got some sort of satanic revival.

Only some bring real sustenance to a metal heart with its sometimes unholy hunger. Those deliver stellar film work, supported by their trademark tune. And others just bring you an intriguing sound that will stick to you like this elemental living in your attic. The one that will haunt you every night.

Godhead Machinery just released such a piece called Praise The Flesh.

This eerily melodic Extreme Metal mix oscillating between the unholy disturbances of Darkend and the incantations of Dark Portrait just irresistibly draws you in. Hellishly hot riffing, the occasional solo and rasps seemingly originating from the 9th circle of hell will hold on fast to your soul, and make you return to the track over and over again.

If this song serves as an indication of things to come, then their upcoming album Ouroboros will be a force to reckon with. The record is due to come out late September 2017, supported by Inverse Records.

Godhead Machinery are calling themselves unorthodox. I think I can buy into that – Praise The Flesh really rocks.

Now give in to your hunger:

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Label: Inverse Records  | Web: Official Site

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