Video: Gotland and the Call from the Grave!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Gotland - Bathory Cover Call From the Grave - Artwork You surely remember one Tomas Börje Forsberg. This is at least how he called himself back in time. Forsberg was more famously known by the moniker Quorthon, and as the founder of the Black Metal turned Viking Metal band Bathory. This band released some truly mysterious and electrifying stuff back in their time. Until their leader’s demise in 2004 at the age of 39 years put a brutal stop to things.

I am not a big fan of covers, and they don’t get published often at the RMR webzine. This may be different for other publications that are on the market for Folk Metal and such.

Yet the Italian Black Metallers Gotland just released a pretty juicy version of one of the most iconic of Bathory’s tracks Call from the Grave scavenged from the album Under the Sign of the Black Mark.

This is the one track that always gets me that kick, when the stylized funeral march takes off. And it is exceedingly well done by Gotland, with some added spice to boot.

So, in this case, the exception will confirm the rule. 

This is what Gotland had to say for their release, and I quote: “We already played this cover live during the shows dedicated to our anniversary and, as we received an awesome response from the audience, we decided to record and publish it! For us was also important to choose this song, because it was released exactly thirty years ago, included in the album “Under the Sign of the Black Mark” (published in 1987). So, this was the perfect occasion to tribute one of the bands the most inspired us and, at the same time, to make a little gift for those who have followed us for ten years!”

Here is the video:

Label: Extreme Metal Music | Web: Facebook

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