Newsflash: Varmia sends us a Prolog!

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Varmia - Prolog - Album Cover

Well, by the broken bells of hell. Total darkness trickles down South from the Northern frozen landscape. RMR barely starts the year, and the Polish band Varmia hits us with their newest slightly pagan-esque EP Prolog. Time will tell if ’23 will again turn out to be a malevolent year like the last one. But this band launches us to a good start.

First and foremost, Prolog hits you with a strange mix of the lost dregs of (very) early Enslaved, Bathory on a sunny day, and the unhinged rage of early Myrkur. This goes together with a … [...] Click to raid more!

Dance of the Witches, debauchery by Cult of the Night?

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Do you like yer metal raw and rusty? The kind that draws blood if you don’t strap on your body armor? Well, the RMR deckhands just found a short blurb on da almighty review pipe. And that one slammed a smile on our faces whenever it roared out of our loudspeakers.

Australian underground metallers Cult of the Night released their new EP Dance of the Witches a few weeks ago. And they chose not to reinvent the proverbial wheel, far from it. Instead, they banked on olde metal tropes, I guess to make them great again. Or something. And by … [...] Click to raid more!

Ereb Altor – Vargtimman (2022) – Review

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Ereb Altor - Vargtimman - Album Cover

Ah, yes. The Hour of the Wolf, or more precisely, The Wolf’s Hour. Did Ereb Altor here decide to name their newest record after a ’68 horror film by Ingmar Bergman? Maybe so, or perhaps not. Well, whatever it may be, Vargtimman feels like a logical progression to its predecessor Järtecken.

The latter already sported material that was less focused on the age-old Bathory material. And it drifted more towards a somewhat atmospheric arena, away from the austere origins of the band.

Now here, the band’s new record is even more removed from its purported origins and now wedges … [...] Click to raid more!

Geisterfels – La Névrose de la Pierre (2017) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Geisterfels - La Névrose de la Pierre - Album Cover

I am mad today. Black, raging mad. Eyes turning dark and glowing, horns growing on my front kind of mad. A real cosmic rage of epic proportions is roaring through my dark veins.  

So, what better time to violate a few principles? Even if the mighty god of blogging sez that thou shalt not turn against his Sacred Rulez. Hoots! So, the first one stipulates that you should not review records older than a few months. And for sure not those of last year.

Yep, right.

The second one is to kick some high-level, festival-cognizant, and big label savvy attendants [...] Click to raid more!