Rusty Pacemaker – ruins (2015) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Rusty Pacemaker - Ruins - Album Cover Rusty Pacemaker. Quite a stage name, ain’t it? Well, fear not, rock and metal fan – ’tis all about music. Rusty hails us from Austria, home of outfits like Illuminata and Summoning; a known turf for Rock and Metal.

It must be the steep valleys over there spawning this kind of tune. And it is his authentic craftiness that really got me interested to look at ruins, the sophomore full length album released earlier in 2015.

Rusty Pacemaker is an (almost) one-man band, scarcely seconded by Lady K on some tracks and, more prominently, by Franz Löchinger on drums. [...] Click to raid more!