Rusty Pacemaker – ruins (2015) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Rusty Pacemaker - Ruins - Album CoverRusty Pacemaker – quite a stage name, ain’t it? Well, fear not, rock and #metal fan – ’tis all about music. Rusty hails us from Austria, home of outfits like Illuminata and Summoning; a known turf for Rock and Metal. It must be the steep valleys over there spawning this kind of tune. And it is his authentic craftiness that really got me interested to look at ruins, the sophomore full length album released earlier in 2015.

Rusty Pacemaker is an (almost) one-man band, scarcely seconded by Lady K on some tracks and, more prominently, the drummer Franz Löchinger; but more to that later. Rusty by the way never formally learned any instrument and professes not to know how to read notes. Got hooked? Raid this some more...

Universal Theory – The Most Attractive Force (2015) – Review

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Universal-Theory-The-Most-Attractive-Force-cd-coverUniversal Theory beckons us. With their newest and best, called The Most Attractive Force for release to the esteemed public by end of August 2015. 

Now wait a minute, you bunch of Einsteins! Was the Universal Theory not the Theory of Everything? But this is actually a band joining us from Spain. And you know what? Sometimes I wanna whack these bands for their choice of brand names, but then again, this is kind of part of this genre in a way.

But joking apart: Whenever I listen to Universal Theory‘s brand of Atmospheric Metal (coming complete with integrated pop metal attacks…), this inevitably reminds me of the German gig Blutengel.Got hooked? Raid this some more...