De Profundis – The Corruption of Virtue (2022) – Review

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De Profundis - The Corruption of Virtue - Album Cover

Ah, we’re late again, so late. Work life at RMR starts to feel like Twitter these days. Not enough staff to keep the lights on, and we didn’t even fire anybody (yet). Because if we would, nobody would be left. So, the staff over here at the RMR office tower just slaves on in dogged resignation which leads to a smokin’ mountain of pent-up anger. So, there’s nothing better than some furious demolition delivered with some red-hot metal. And these are exactly the kind of meds everybody needs over here.

And down we plunged into the overheated review pipe to find ourselves the real thing. Metal that will slam our ears back into shape and put us to rights. So that productivity will soar and an endless revenue stream will make us stinking rich, or something.1) Anger management therapy, RMR style? Quite so. But be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

2022 brought us its share of Death Metal bands flailing about like one of those greenish mindless ogres, and not all up to their best level of quality. Sometimes it’s just wild brutality that gets tiresome after a while. With this in mind, the RMR scout squad set out to find that record with a twist. One that seeks abject Death Metal fury with a taste for new metallic horizons. Because monotony killed the cat on former artists’ pieces, and it wasn’t pleasant.

De Profundis‘ newest concoction The Corruption of Virtue finally emerged as the perfect bride. The record delivers measured Death Metal destruction that roars in on a wave of tech death and some progressive vibes. Yep, you heard that right. Brutal onslaughts from the valley of death suddenly dance away to visit terrain usually occupied by prog. That’s – kinda unexpected but also a pretty neat example of snazzy songwriting.

Thus, this murderous Death Metal justice that transforms into some menacing metal of the light just got the better of us. In other words, The Corruption of Virtue ain’t one of those metal/prog hybrids. Much to the contrary, the record sticks to its grim inhumanity at all times. It just changes the channel of expression. But there’s more. On top of the above, De Profundis seriously swerve into Technical Death Metal, and this mainly on the B-Side of the record (Religious Cancer, for example). So, variation is the album’s true virtue, methinks.2) And that’s exactly what the RMR crew here was looking for.

And to drive that point home further, let’s have a short look at some of the tracks on offer. Weaponised Rape, for instance, shines with its proggy solo slam in the middle. Or take Scapegoat that sails closer to Archspire than it actually should. You just need to survive the first boring minute or so and you’ll hear those trve vibes. Now, the filet piece – Desecrating Innocence – dazzled us in more ways than one. Searingly harsh to a point, it suddenly sports some neat tremolo injections followed by a great solo where there should be none. Yet, we really got a kick out of the Carach Angren-esque storytelling feature built into the track.

But ultimately, who ever said that brutal Death Metal cannot be entertaining?3) The Corruption of Virtue sent us a truly tasty beast of a record. A metal hydra with many heads, all greedily feeding into a body of red-hot ferocity fueled by – unquenchable anger. Perfectly arranged soundscapes of almost cosmic savagery that nonetheless seamlessly connect to other styles. And that’s a difficult feat in and by itself.

So, did the RMR crew find a record that would address all those anger management issues? Quite so. We finally found ourselves a record that doesn’t only dispense mindless metal baseball bat justice. Instead, it will slam you with outstanding musical prowess at a level of quality not easily found in 2022. The Corruption is one record that won’t bore you for one second. Quote me on that.

Record Rating: 8/10 | LabelTranscending Obscurity Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 7 October 2022


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