2021 – Out of the Box: Prog, Alt, and Psy at RMR!

RockmusicRaider - Out of the Box: Prog, Alt, and Psy 2021 - Boy singing progressive music

The RMR crew loves a good progressive, alternative, psychedelic, or even experimental rock or metal piece. Because it is there that the out-of-the-box folks dwell. Those bands that won’t be bothered by the strict confines of some genres but dearly like their artistic freedom of creativity without constraints. Yet, some of these bands tend to go a bit or way too much overboard with their liberties. A fact that may or may not play in their favor.

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And time flies, doesn’t it? August of the year of the Lord 2021 is already well underway. It’s thus time to take stock and deliver a small cross-section of records that impressed us most since January. And by the way, the records listed below are in no way some sort of ranking or a precursor of any Top 10 to come. That’ll come much later.

Oh, and if you’d like some out-of-the-box background music to go with yer reading, here’s the link to our playlist. Like, follow, or share – as is your wont.

But now, without further ado, let’s begin with our selection.

Red Cain – Kindred: Act II

RockmusicRaider - Red Cain - Kindred Act: II - Album Cover

Whenever Red Cain appear, great action is guaranteed. And this record is no different. We were of course pained to hear that this was the latest installment of the series. No more stories of Juliet and other strange beings, that’s true hard-horse treatment. But fear naught. Act II here is stuffed to the gills with otherworldly tales of archaic magick, strange mysteries, and tentacled beings from outer space that we couldn’t resist. Add to that a sometimes truly amazing display of Progressive Power Metal and one Evgeniy Zayarny in full form. What else could we ask from a stellar record, right? Oh, and the piece did have strange secondary effects on the RMR crew here. To this day, some are still chanting bits of The Precipice of Man in weird places. There you go.

Need – Norchestrion: a song for the end

RockmusicRaider - Need - Norchestrion A Song For The End - Album Cover

At first, we thought the record would turn into a dime-a-dozen progressive piece. But the further we dove into the record’s intense and intricate depths, the more the RMR crew here became a believer of that Greek outfit. Now, a slow start may not be what the marketing doctor ordered, but they truly make it up. Gritty and reasonably progressive riffs effortlessly change place with delicate and delicious structures that only prog can produce. And once the fat midsection hits, the sorry remains of the RMR rebel faction were totally sold, too. And who would have thought that a monologue could be so good, it would fascinate the hell out of us? RMR here didn’t for sure. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, hit the link above to find out.

Sectlinefor – Kissing Strangers during an Outbreak

RockmusicRaider - Sectlinefor - Kissing Strangers During An Outbreak - Album Cover

You are certainly aware of the sentence ‘be careful what you wish for, you might get it.’ Well, we scoured our review pipe for the nerdiest record we could find. And true to the saying that God punishes fast, out came Sectlinefor here whose members like to kiss strangers during outbreaks. Their credo that they like to piss metal purists off talked to us, too. So, down we plunged, straight into that pinkish rabbit hole to discover a strange world that revels in abject psychedelics, reckless songwriting, and in a rebel streak that will make all those politically correct nerds cringe in horror. I admit, the record led us to an equally reckless bout of colorful review writing. Because as the saying goes, ‘what goes around, comes around’, right? That all that chaos actually morphed into a ton of quality and a truly thoughtful record got almost lost in the fray. Oh, and did I mention it? That one’s truly out-of-the-box.

Stone Healer – Conquistador

RockmusicRaider - Stone Healer - Conquistador - Album Cover

Ah, a make-believe record. That’s what we thought when this thing spastically puttered onward at first. But don’t ye ever underestimate those specific conquistadores at the helm of Stone Healer. Once they break out their true colors, it’s full steam ahead into uncharted seas where the unbending individualists dwell and unknown reefs loom darkly just under the surface of the water. Those are bands that will forge metal that isn’t easy to understand, digest, or review. A hot jambalaya of stuff that had us scratch our heads more than once. Yet again, by taming all those wild undercurrents somewhat, Conquistastor became a record for the metal connoisseur. Oh, and somebody just complained lately that he couldn’t understand what Alternative Metal meant. I believe, I just found this one record that would shed some light on that particular mystery.

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel – Polaris

RockmusicRaider - Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel - Polaris - Album Cover

At first, the name of the band took me aback. Dissidents from the dirty motel? That’s quite a statement. But then, we’ve seen worse, right? Because the rock they strut is pretty heated and truly razor-sharp. And the damned record did it again. In the runup to this smart little digest, I hit play. And the groove sucked me right in – again. I came out of my trance by mid-point with a smile on my face. Not sure what they injected here, but that tasty mix of stoner, sludge, doom, grunge, alt-rock, and prog just threw me into some sort of sonic black hole. Well, hells bells, there’s even one depicted right on the cover. But take it from me, the quality will speak for itself once you spin it. So, man yer spaceship, let ‘er rip and be careful not to end up like Major Tom.

And that’s it for now. Until we meet again, in a few months further down the road. Stay tuned.

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