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We currently need (want) two things on this blog. First, our search sonar is on to bands that are nobody’s bitch. Away from those outfits that cling to the narrowest of styles, and then go ahead and defend it as if their life depended on it.

And then, we need more rock, believe it or not. Lately, the focus has been way too much on the brethren of the metallic underbelly of that mighty rocky beast.

And this means that bands with that kind of firepower are far and few between. But the RMR deck crew here does have a penchant towards the alternative and the weird, and down to a fine point sometimes. And that’s how the folks of the French band Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel (LDDSM) with their newest record Polaris ended up on our review pipe.

And boy, it’s mission accomplished straight from the beginning. LDDSM have that knack to hit you with those power-rock pieces with a groove that will just suck you in. So much so that this reviewer suddenly found herself in the midst of the excellent Blue Giant. Someone must have hypnotized me, like. It’s that damn groove that did it.

So, back to the starting blocks, and off we go. Polaris was peddled to me as some sort of Heavy Rock. So, I expected the swampy sounds and smells of the Southern, steamy connotation and was already breaking out some Southern Comfort. But then, Blood-Planet Child hit, and that stopped me cold.

This is one of the most perfect entry tracks I ever encountered. It just sets the level of heat and stacks one rocky layer upon the other. In a nutshell, this song already pretty much summarizes what LDDSM can and are willing to throw at you over the course of the album. And that means that you’ll find no fillers.

Every track can stand alone, true. But all together form that tasty amalgam that is Polaris. Albeit that once you hit the B Side, things do slow down a bit and may seem a tad repetitive at times. But almost imperceptibly so, and this will thus not make a big dent into the overall rating of the piece.

If I was to describe their pretty wild style, it would best fit into that holdall of the Alternative / Psychedelic Rock arena. But again, this is way too easy a view with all that complexity that comes at you like a friggin’ kitchen sink. Often slightly sludgy, the band grooves its pathway across any number of style directions. Stoner, sludge, doom, grunge, alt-rock, a fair amount of prog, and many more. In other words, this record is exactly what we were looking for. And that doesn’t turn it into an easy piece to review or digest.

And indeed, sometimes their sound tastes like Pink Floyd reloaded1) on steroids, with some a lot of Baroness traipsing about in the background somewhere.2) Plus some hints of older Tool, bits of Soundgarden here and there, and Dirty Sound Magnet at times.

And a lot of credit goes to the relentless assault of those vocals. They often hit yer speakers right at the edge of getting too screamy,3) some almost kindred to a few of the more eclectic metal sinners (screamers) out there. But by and large, the shared vocals of Daniel Scherding (keyboards), Nicolas Foucaud (guitar), and Katia Jakob (bass) just come at the right level of heat to accompany their brand of rock well.

Now, to pick a few favorite tracks to give you a good taste of the album, why not try Blood-Planet Child, Blue Giant, closely followed by Dark Matter. But, you see, they’re all good. So – gosh – just take heart and sleuth through the whole list, will ya. I doubt you will regret it.

Ultimately, Polaris is one of those records that just lets you surf on its mighty rock wave until there is no more. And then, you just turn around and hit play all over again. The band truly hit that mid-point where smooth flow and razor-sharp rock edges stay in that delicate balance. Together with those vocals that come just at the right level of heat, there’s nothing better to salt your lazy evening than with this piece of rock.

LDDSM’s gristly, groovy piece of neatly roasted rock will just take you on a road trip to nirvana.4) And you’re only getting out of that car, once you’re truly done. If Polaris‘ groove-laden tentacles will ever let ye, that is.

But then, you put those headphones on of your own free will. Right?

Ed’s note: And congrats, the record made it onto the 2021 Top 10 Records. Hunger for more? You might also be interested in our kinda-sorta mid-year selection of the most colorful out-of-the-box records. Hit it!

Record Rating: 8/10 | LabelKlonosphere Records | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 2 April 2021


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