A Shadow of What Once Was, by Wolvencrown!

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Yeah, I know. We shouldn’t go back in time and work on bands that already released their wares. But here we are with Wolvencrown. Their short blurb talks about A Shadow of What Once Was. Frightening shades that are – and I quote – “…swift of foot and sharp of tooth.” From a time when their lonely island in the North Sea was still covered in primeval forests and filled with strange beasts.

Yet, it’s not the lore and mystique that drew us, but this penchant towards old-style Scandinavian Black Metal. Burzum and Gorgoroth be damned, they just move on with their own thing. In a way, this feels like the evil little brother of Decadenza who dwells in the far recesses of the basement and dreams terrible dreams.

But it’s also a piece that we couldn’t make head nor tail of. The Black Metal they sprout is state-of-the-art and Wolvencrown here deserve a prize for it. Yet, you also get those weird symphonic shenanigans in there that kinda sound like old-style Epica going full Minas Morgul1).

Now, it’s nothing new to find ambient or symphonic interludes in Extreme Metal pieces. But to drown the beast with some nine minutes of synth-laden pleasures and ever-returning melodic themes on a total runtime of some 18 minutes ain’t really helping efforts to create something lean and mean.

Just sayin’.

But regardless of that stunt, A Shadow of What Once Was proved fascinating and juicy enough to belatedly find one of those coveted spots on this ‘zine. And RMR for one would like to hear more from this band.

Ed’s note: Fancy some … thing of a similar ilk? Try Iku-Turso.

LabelClobber Records | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 26 February 2021


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