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Do you want to know what really got me to listen to Maziac‘s newest EP Permutations? It was these three weirdos sitting on the couch mumbling to the lyrics of a clip of that same name. And that almost knocked me off my comfy reviewer’s chair. Albeit that all of that unfair mirth stopped dead once the band really took off and showed some real grit and – indeed – astonishing acerbic power.

At first, the folks over at Maziac blast away like any classic or heavy rock band. But then, they quickly hit you with a mix of Progressive Rock and Metal with an affinity towards technical metal.

The RMR crew here for one found their Tool-ish approach refreshing and their blatant nods to other prog masters even more so. And it’s not that this will discredit them in any way. Much to the contrary, Permutations here projects a level of quality that’s kinda hard to miss.

And the band truly fancies variation. In between all of that ocean of prog and alt, the drummer suddenly stomps off into territory the Olde NDH1) Masters like Rammstein usually occupy2). Just to have the band hit their audience over the head with some ‘core’-ish shenanigans that will switch to full tech later. And for once we got ourselves an outfit that ain’t shy to employ the synth machine to their advantage and they actually know how to use it.

That they shamelessly flirt with those abject crimes Gojira recently committed does not really help, though. Shouted vocals are often cringeworthy at best, some rare exceptions notwithstanding. And this one ain’t one of them.

In the end, however, the short 25 minutes of airtime or so of Permutations convinced us. And the record did this with outstanding musicianship, sturdy songwriting skills, and a ton of bubbly ideas that showcase how modern prog could should sound. In short, the band will attempt to bludgeon you into submission with a crazy hurricane of style elements. And you know what? It actually works for them.

This is the proverbial proof of the pudding that prog ain’t only djents. There’s a ton of riches to be strung together from that vast metal multiverse. And this band truly concocted a tasty brand of yer favorite genre in a way not even the best of ’em thought of yet.

Keep going, Maziac, good stuff.

Ed’s note: And congrats, the piece made it onto the 2021 Top 3. And there’s a new video out as well.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 30 July 2021


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