Video: Maziac’s Acid Malaise!

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Maziac - Acid - Video Cover

Maziac‘s last EP Permutations seriously got on our good side. The UK-based band truly excelled in this mix somewhere between Heavy Rock and Progressive Metal. A short yet intensive demonstration of that band’s already impressive musical prowess.

Now they’re on the prowl again with a new video to boot. Acid gets us another highly technical track of pretty masterful prog mixed with Heavy Rock. It’s – in itself – a typical Maziac creation and a straight continuation from their former piece.

The clip with its downturned orange-colored and cartoon-styled action is a funky one, though. Some sort of a … [...] Click to raid more!

RMR’s 2021 Top 3 Videos and EPs!

RMR's Top 3 Videos & EPs 2021

It’s time for the second installment of the best videos and EPs awards on the RMR ‘zine. Our crew’s first attempt last year was a pretty snazzy success, so we’ll continue with that second major annual Top 3 list with a new installment. Now, whilst 2020 was a pretty fertile ground for shorter offerings, 2021 turned out to be a bit more frugal.

This was especially true for videos. Many of the clips we saw over those last 12 months were the typical band-in-action pieces. So, nothing to really write home about, they’re all kind of similar. Methinks that the … [...] Click to raid more!

Maziac and those Permutations!

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Do you want to know what really got me to listen to Maziac‘s newest EP Permutations? It was these three weirdos sitting on the couch mumbling to the lyrics of a clip of that same name. And that almost knocked me off my comfy reviewer’s chair. Albeit that all of that unfair mirth stopped dead once the band really took off and showed some real grit and – indeed – astonishing acerbic power.

At first, the folks over at Maziac blast away like any classic or heavy rock band. But then, they quickly hit you with a mix … [...] Click to raid more!