Newsflash: Skallbank publishes their Singles!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Skallbank - Skallbank: The Singles - Album CoverAlready the cheeky start of their video Falsarium with the Kumbaya chanting weirdos wins this band a mention on the RockmusicRaider log-book of cool music videos. Just when my internal what-the-fuck emergency switch wanted to kick into action, this screaming rock piece started in earnest.

I had to laugh so hard when the sorry acoustic guitar was ripped out of this guy’s hand and the sound kicked out of the ground like a fucking rocket into space. Good one! But more to that later.

The culprits are the Swedish rock band Skallbank, and they like it rough and heavy. They present us with a pretty wild ride of five metal-infused rock tracks called Skallbank: The Singles. Stuff they produced steadily since the inception of the band in 2014. 

Their hefty, but somewhat punkish brand of rock gone AC/DC on steroids is pretty standard in many ways. However, the screamed vocals just add this much-needed spice to make you want more. Add a ton of meaty riffs and stellar soloing to this rocky metal platter, and you end up with a real tasty piece of work.

I really liked what I heard. Let there be more.

Skallbank are:
Tömte – Vocals
Rickard – Lead guitar
Mats – Guitar
Jonzon – Bass
Jocke – Drums

Go ahead, hold on to your seats and enjoy the rough and prickly ride:

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Label: Big Balls Production  | Web: Facebook

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