Newsflash: Swedish Endbite unleashed their newest 2016 album!

Rockmusicraider Newsflash - Endbite - Decadent Life

It’s a Decadent Life, the newest album of Endbite released in January 2016 comes along in a refreshingly rocky gown. They project a real, down-to-earth, kind of old-school rock’n’roll, at times a bit Black Sabbath-ish in flavor. Often veering off onto Hard Rock territory, even getting a somewhat metallic tinge at times. All of this comes complete with some pretty serious soloing and riffing. 

Impressive that, keep it up, guys!

I laud their courage to include Reggae-style tunes into that rocky mix of theirs, which spices stuff up some. No dreadlocks detected yet, though.

The electro-pop tracks in the album make my metal soul cringe, but apart from that and overall Endbite got a very varied series of tracks to their fans, fresh and never boring. Another one of those bands that make me yearn for this hot beach with cocktails, hotties, and good music. 

Endbite saw the light of day back in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. A first EP was released in 2013, followed by a self-titled full length in 2014. Now the 2nd full-length album has just come out.

I really liked what I heard, a band to be watched.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site
Release date: 15 January 2016

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