Newsflash: The War Inside – by Meka Nism!

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Gothic Metal is dead, right? And all thunder got sucked out of Melodic and Symphonic Metal already? Dry heaves left only, and we look forward to the next Nightwish album with awful dread, right?

Well, correct for Nightwish. But a firm ‘hell no’ as new talent goes. There is still hope on the horizon, whatever faint the outlook may be. 

Meet the Orlando, FL-based, highly talented 5-piece Meka Nism and their newest EP The War Inside.

This is one of these blurbs that kind of sticks to your frontal lobe and will follow you around. And worse still for a reviewer like yours truly. The review pipe is in a desperate state, yet you find yourself listening to this record for the second time in a row. There you go, proof of the pudding. They are good, outstandingly so.

And yet, Meka Nism did not invent anything new. In truth, this would be difficult, given the genre they are navigating about. The War Inside somewhat brazenly transforms (a lot of) old-style Evanescence and the aforementioned Nightwish complete with a fake Hietala. Plus a fair portion of Lacuna Coil, and more, into some steamy metal mixture.

I could – of course – go on with the name-calling, Van Halst, Reveries End, or Lexi Layne come to mind for instance. But the truth of the matter is that Meka Nism created something new. A juicy and crunchy record, out of a genre that many believed deflated some time ago. With a lot of flourish, astute know-how, and a certain swagger that is very difficult to resist. 

The War Inside is a great listen. And it renews hopes that this brand of metal will see some greatness yet again. Cool album, I love it.

So – now – where is this full-length record that is surely in the works? I can’t wait.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release date: 10 May 2018

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