Old’n’Tasty Records @ RockmusicRaider – Vol. II

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You need to give it to them old folks. The ’70’s and ’80s were very productive as far as music is concerned. Barely emerged from early-age rock’n’roll, blues and – not to forget – jazz, rock and later metal were on their quest to claim their place in the musical landscape. This was a time of experimentation, constructing tunes for the future. Not making music for the masses, through old designs like so much patchwork. Which is – come to think of it – what we see a lot of today.

Indeed, older records are – still today – all the rage with many a fan. And – surprisingly – with younger folks too. I have seen university students debate UFO records for instance – Obsession to be precise – in forum threads. I kid you not, ’tis no alternate fact. It is thus no surprise that some of these albums made it onto the RockmusicRaider most popular records list. And some of them continue to perform well to this day. 

The first installment of the Old’n’Tasty Records already contained a juicy collection of classics. But there is more, much more on the blog and in the music collections of the RockmusicRaider crew. So, let’s delve into this new selection from this treasure trove of ultimate findings. 

UFO – No Heavy Petting (1976)

RockmusicRaider Review UFO No Heavy Petting - Album Cover

“Out of reach, out of touch / how you’ve learned to hate so much”! What a delicious lyrical masterpiece embedded in slow motion! Indeed, what was Love to Love to Lights Out is Belladonna for No Heavy Petting. Or try Martian Landscape for dessert, another brilliantly executed track. And it is these diamonds, together with Michael Schenker‘s brilliance, that saved the day. And rendered this record tasty enough to feature on this list. Because believe me, there’s enough bad hidden about this album to drive this reviewer to despair sometimes.

Scorpions – Blackout (1982)

RockmusicRaider Review - Scorpions - Blackout - Album Cover

It took the band around Rudolf Schenker a long time to really get noticed. Speak about lengthy forward-planning and endless energy right there. Blackout was not the real breakthrough yet, but Scorpions delivered arguably the best record of their career this time around. Blackout contains some of the tracks that became household items over time, they were THAT successful. This, together with a stellar performance of Klaus Meine just out of surgery, adds enough spice to the tracks to qualify for an elevated level of tastiness. Old’n’Tasty – exceedingly so.

Rainbow – Rising (1976)

RockmusicRaider Review - Rainbow - Rising - Album Cover

If any band shaped future rock and metal delights, then it is most definitely Rainbow. We can debate the supposedly vile personality and attitudes of Mister Blackmore all day long. But it is undeniable that he drove his band to new heights and laid the groundwork for things to come. Rising features Dio, who later became part of Black Sabbath, before owning his own band. The album also pioneers some of the styles employed in Heavy Metal to this day. Just listen to Tarot Woman and tell me what you hear. And all of this, ladies and gents, projects this record brutally into tasty territory. 

Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)

RockmusicRaider Review - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Album Cover

A debate rages strongly if this album is Iron Maiden‘s best. Or if The Number of the Beast will continue to unhorse it. As I am having diplomacy day today, I will just say that such glory is in the eye of the beholder. What can be said, however, is that Seventh Son of a Seventh Son was a turning point in the career of this band. With new styles and flavors on the extended menu list. This courageous approach to step out of the old aggressive self and sail off course landed them a record of outstanding success. So, should this album be tasty? Absolutely – even if it might not be their best.

Dio – Dream Evil (1987)

RockmusicRaider - Dio - Dream Evil - Album Cover

I’d call Dream Evil one of the most mature albums Dio ever did. Okay, I get it: Holy Diver, The Last in Line, or Sacred Heart are all stellar, too. And all would deserve a spot on this blog in time. Yet, this record with its underlying cheekiness and well-executed tracks really takes the cake. And will claim the rest of the desert as well, it even inspired other outfits for their choice of a band name. The record however also proved to be somewhat of a turning point in Dio‘s career, where former glories were more difficult to find just matches later. But as this disk goes, it is definitely Old’n’Tasty. Very much so.

And that’s it for now on our newest Old’n’Tasty endeavor. More stuff is being drawn up for the next edition by the RockmusicRaider deck crew. So be sure to stay tuned. 

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