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Did you know that RockmusicRaider covered many old(er) Rock and Metal records over time? No? We did. And will continue – as time allows – to add more to this specific endeavour.

The performance of bands in the ’70s and ’80s brought about some absolute classics that many enjoy to this day. Be it now in a Progressive Rock arena or the early stages of Heavy Metal or any other sub-genre for that matter. All of these bands contributed to the musical soundscape we find ourselves in today.

And to top all this, whilst all of the original band members start to get kinda old, many of them are still alive and kicking. And – they continue to make great music. But not only that. Their fame is such that some made it onto the 10 Most Popular Posts @ RockmusicRaider. And this for records way older than 40 years or so. So talk about an absolutely amazing reach. Let’s step in and find out what has been old’n’tasty lately at the RMR offices.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970)

RockmusicRaider Review - Black Sabbath - Album Cover

Who would have thought that these guys would make such a killing. The first Black Sabbath album with its ominous ringing bell became a turning point for many rock fans around the globe. In the course of Black Sabbath‘s illustrious career, the band was credited with the creation of all sorts of metal and rock genres. So much so that it is sometimes hardly believable. But hey, what can you do when enthusiasm takes over. Fact is, however, that they always felt free to experiment in all sorts of directions. Yet this album is their first. A true, tasty classic. 

Uriah Heep – Demons and Wizards (1972)

RockmusicRaider Review - Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards - Album Cover

Not the first, but certainly one of the best records Uriah Heep ever sent to market. Fledgling Progressive Rock presented with new-found self-confidence that was not there before. No doubt, if you consider the stellar line-up at that time: David Byron, Ken Hensley, Mick Box and Lee Kerslake. The chemistry for sure worked on this album and the outcome is an old, yet tasty classic that still plays on the RMR music machine.

UFO – Lights Out (1977)

RockmusicRaider Review - UFO - Lights Out - Album Cover

Yeah, I know, their light is waning somewhat these days and they grow old. But again, UFO look back on a tremendous career. Their heyday probably were the Schenker years – as in Michael Schenker. The brother of Rudolf Schenker, still of Scorpions. Lights Out is THE shining beacon of that particular stretch of time. And the fame of this handful of records really resonates to this date. If this is not tasty, then I do not know what is.

AC/DC – Back in Black (1980)

RockmusicRaider Review - ACDC - Back in Black - Album Cover

This album was somewhat of a forced turning point in the career of AC/DC. After the abrupt demise of Bon Scott the Australians had no other choice than to reinvent themselves. Fortunately for them Brian Johnson was ready for service and got the band off to a rocket start. Back in Black is one of their best, but also one of the most controversial Hard Rock and Heavy Metal albums the band made to date. So, let them bells ring and start rocking.

Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast (1982)

RockmusicRaider Review - Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast - Album Cover

Debate rages to this day if Seventh Son of a Seventh Son topples the beast. Or not. Well, let me undiplomatically state that The Number of the Beast takes the prize. Old as it may be, it proved to be a shaper of early Heavy Metal. And to this day gets you this alluring pull – to become a metalhead. Could it be that satanists have been at work after all? Invoices costing 666 dollars and strange events with nuns in cars notwithstanding? Well, whatever that was, the success of the album speaks by itself.

Krokus – Headhunter (1983)

RockmusicRaider Review - Krokus - Album Cover

Revivals and reunions notwithstanding, the most notoriously tasty record of this band is – without doubt – Headhunter. Heavy Metal turning to Speed Metal, this record will relentlessly hack away at your resolve. Until you give in and enjoy. But it is hard fare at the height of their power. A level never reached nor duplicated since. In any of their later or earlier records. Old, but definitely very tasty.

Dio – Holy Diver (1983)

RockmusicRaider Review - Dio - Holy Diver - Album Cover

The cloak and dagger stories surrounding this first album are – to say the least – intriguing. Fact is that Ronnie James Dio‘s defection from the clutches of Black Sabbath landed us with another stellar outlet of Heavy Metal. For that time this album was as heavy as they come. This, together with Ronnie’s crystal clear pipes, was the main allure for many a metal addict to get with this new band. And dabble in the occult some. But the question is: Did they really do that?

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