Plague Weaver – Ascendant Blasphemy (2021) – Review

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The RMR deck crew is always on the lookout for new, molten metal. And these materials quite often come from outfits so far underground that they’re largely unknown to the Extreme Metal community. Let alone by the vile mainstream, if ever there will be a spot there for this kind of tune.

Plague Weaver appeared on our radar way back in 2020 when their sole master – RM – started to take on steam. Their EP Through The Sulphur Eyes left quite an impact crater over here. And we had our antennae tuned in their direction for more ever since.

Now, this early 2021, Ascendant Blasphemy is on the menu. And we found it a tasty morsel. RM and his new bandmate JC on vocals immediately push this immensely dense mix of Black and Doom Black Metal straight into the listener’s face. And this with a pretty bleak and hissy rage that appears to be directly aligned to the rape/murder in progress on the album cover. And that, whilst the monster applaudingly watches with glee from above.

Yet, once the band lets loose, I grew a bit confused. The intro sports a sludgy doom/grunge riff attack very reminiscent of old Crypt Sermon. But not for long. Once the angry rasps start to torture yer eardrums, you truly feel the blazing hot air of the fiery underground blast your way.

And as with its predecessor, Ascendant Blasphemy starts its terrible march in slow motion to meet the four princes of hell.1) To the point that it feels like some unstoppable red-hot metal avalanche that will roll over you. You might want it, or not.

Now, this time, Plague Weaver seems to have lost that threesome of voices from hell. And it’s the two protagonists who now run that task to add rotten flesh to those dreadful bones. This serves you with a relentless, yet – I daresay – pretty monotonous rasp attack that abates little throughout the relatively svelte length of Ascendant Blasphemy.

And this is not necessarily to the advantage of this record. Some variation in tonality would have brought them a ton of oomph that now kinda drowns in a deluge of unceasing raspy growls and screams.

Now, whilst the first few tracks sport a pretty austere, mean, and reasonably terrifying brand of Extreme Metal, things will heat up in the second half of the record. Yep, Plague Weaver truly doubled down and added another layer of alloy on top of an already molten piece. And in the process, I also detected a discreet increase in ambients and melodics that truly added spice to the overall unholy offering.

This – in turn – led to excellent tracks like Deicidal Usurper or – to a lesser extent – In Exitium Caeli. By the Holy Metal fucking Cow, these last tracks made us come back for seconds a few times. They’re prime examples of how to embed your Black Metal onto layers of doom to make them truly shine their ghastly light on you.

In the end, I couldn’t find much fault with Ascendant Blasphemy. The record often errs on the traditional side of Black Metal, true. But – boy – that Scandinavian flavor is still en vogue to this day and way too tasty to overlook. And it comes at you with a power truly reminiscent of those hellish forces it so aptly describes.

Ascendant Blasphemy‘s metal is red-hot, grimy, nasty, mean, and truly Vantablack. And at the same time, it’s also this type of Extreme Metal that the good doctor2) ordered to soothe this crew’s tortured souls.

So, by all means, go ahead and have at it. But don’t ever try to invoke someone or touch that Ouija board whilst you listen. It might not end well.

Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook
Release Date: 26 February 2021


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