Quantum Evolution Event, by Ilium!

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RockmusicRaider Review - Ilium - Quantum Evolution Event - Album Cover

Here’s to a positive thought. A Quantum Evolution Event, so not all hope is lost, right? Usually, we get the dystopian version about extinctions and such. So, one brownie point goes to the Australians from Ilium straight. But, will it really be that positive? And will quantum evolution really be good for us or will we end up as sorry crossovers of – something as in THE THING, somewhere in another dimension?1) Because the album cover doesn’t bode well. Questions, and still more questions. But fear naught, we’re here for the music and not endless dusty philosophical prattle. … [...] Click to raid more!

Somnambulant II, tales of sleepwalking by Final Coil!

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RockmusicRaider - Final Coil - Somnambulant II - Album Cover

At first, this sounded like the background music at my local sushi restaurant. It really did, and it made me hungry just listening to that stuff. In other words, Final Coil‘s Somnambulant II took us a moment or two to get into. But we are glad, we took the time.

This band has been lurking in the background of our review pipe for a number of years. Their eclectic and somewhat funky style never quite made it to the forefront, though. Unfortunately, time constraints, seasonal woes, and staff issues1) often prevent us from covering everything. And for such … [...] Click to raid more!

To Bring To Nothing, by Gourmand!

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RockmusicRaider - Gourmand - To Bring To Nothing - Album Cover

Are you sometimes tired of the ever similar Death Metal tropes? We are. The RMR gang often wades through a flood of much of the same muchness. Until suddenly, a bright light appears at the end of the tunnel. And we all hope that it is not the proverbial freight train.

Now luckily, the US band Gourmand sent us their latest blurb To Bring To Nothing with an interesting take on that old and somewhat tired genre. Already the band name stopped us cold. It speaks of the one that devours food, and much more than the entrails allow. That, … [...] Click to raid more!

Metal’s Rockbar Allstars gets you Dying Heroes. What?

RockmusicRaider - Metal's Rockbar Allstars - Dying Heroes

Now, here we thought that RMR would only serve bands and musicians, but not Rock Bars going out on a limb. Yet, we stumbled across a small project that’s too juicy to just pass over. Thus, an exception is due.

You see, back in 2018, the owners of the Metal’s Rockbar in Austria’s Wiener Neustadt1) decided to create a cover version of the age-old Austropop2) song “Hollywood” from Waterloo & Robinson. It – incidentally – speaks about movies and actors, and why Hollywood is – well – dying. Never mind that the film industry is still alive and … [...] Click to raid more!