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Dodecahedron graced us last year with some excellent fare. Icy cold was the embrace, and blazing hot the Extreme Metal. In the meantime, we enjoyed Vitrun of Carpe Noctem in all its terrifying splendor. Together with many others that must remain unnamed for sake of simplicity.

Those are all, kind of part of the same ilk. A real genre, so hidden that not many will call it music. And truly, some of that stuff is like ice picks in your brain that you cannot dislodge, until the last note gives up the proverbial ghost.

Also, rare are those Extreme Metal artists that really have it in them to come forward and endure the limelight of the fan crowd. Usually, you will find an amalgam of distorted sounds, well hidden away in dark corners, where even the fires of hell are not bright enough.

Well, that was the case until we found Second To Sun. Or more to the point, it found us with The Walk as its unholy offering. The version with them lyrics, not the instrumental piece.

This band really revels in their brand of Black Metal that would make Myrkur go pale with envy. Right off the bat relaxation and soft sweet music flies out the door, and in comes a pretty sturdy monster. They for sure waste no time to loudly claim their spot on this stage of pure metal.

The Walk contains a strange mix of the heavy dissonance that Extreme Metal bands indulge in, locked in step with atmospherically challenged Black Metal. Yet, with enough church burner weirdness of Gorgoroth-esque proportions, to sate the darkest urges of any adept of the trve Métal Noir. 

All of that blackened jazz is adorned with a typical rasp that I have seldom seen deployed at that level of aggression. And with a goodly measure of Thrash Metal thrown in, to juice things up some. 

Then, Second to Sun make pretty abundant use of plastic-laced synthesizer sounds that the fantastic few of the genre like Summoning or Caladan Brood excel in. Only, in The Walk you will find their evil brother. As in very evil. The one that lives in To Live, for instance, no pun intended. This is where the malevolent sounds of Satan’s abode meet the synthesizer crazed Black Metal crew.

And it is some very mighty clash indeed.

Whilst complexity reigns supreme, The Walk nonetheless impresses with these crystal clear passages of darkest metal. Sometimes almost too perfectly arranged to be really credible in a genre that prides itself in excesses of lo-fi madness. Smartly executed guitar work co-exists with an almost eclectic drum offering that only lives to receive the rasps to make everything complete.

On top, Second To Sun serve their fare on a thorny bed of exquisite intensity that already gets a lot of old-school credit in Black Lines, the # 2 on the tracklist. Or in terrors like New World Order. Only that they start goofing about with some sort of otherworldly interlude in the middle of the track. That one really won them the unholy nerd award of present-day Black Metal.

In the end, the Russian boys from Second to Sun really dug deep into this chest of unholy goodies. The Walk almost serves as a study as to how Black Metal can be deployed in an artful way. To the contrary of the myriad of records out there that just wail about the scenery to no end. 

To conclude…

The Walk contains only the best elements Black Metal has to offer. The band managed to forge those into some sort of super-strong and multi-folded metal offering in a way seldom seen before. Like some of them indestructible Japanese swords. And we have seen a lot in this darkened world of the hidden underbelly of the metal multiverse.

Now, with all that out of the way, I can only recommend to consume this record in one piece. Preferably at night, with black candles lit to take in the atmosphere. 

And should this disk get onto the list of contenders for the mighty 2018 Top 10 list? Damned straight it should. Time will tell if it will make it there, though.

Meantime, congrats! The album successfully made it onto the Intermittent Digest – Tome VIII. Oh, and don’t miss their newest record. It’s a piece to behold.


Record Rating: 8/10 | Label: Self-Released | Web: Facebook

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