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After two short blurbs on cover albums by Therion and INK respectively, we are again going at it. This really starts to look like a new trend over here at the famous RMR office suite. I guess a serious talk with the office manager will be in order. 

This time the victim is the track Sensorium of Epica. Taken from their first album The Phantom Agony that came on-line some 15 years ago. Complete with a very young Simone Simons in her beginner’s shoes.

The Greek interpreter Ruby Bouzioti and her merry musicians crafted a pretty juicy sound-alike of this track. Albeit, it may be a tad too close to the original. Boy, even the male growler looks kinda like young Mark Jansen.

In other words, they captured the essence of the original video quite well, with a pretty good musical interpretation. Yet, this also means that this new Sensorium video shows the old main fault as well.

Videos made in a pure studio setting induce a certain level of boredom after a while, with no real action or story line to follow. And this one is no different. Even with studio musicians lustily sawing and chanting away at their trade. So, why am I not surprised that Epica themselves commended Ruby Bouzioti on her performance. They are probably thrilled to have their work reenacted so well.

That said, the band went into much attention to detail in the making of the video. And even injected a discreet Gothic, kinda funky flavor into this age-old tune. The arrangement and execution are both pretty flawless, with not one hair out of place where it shouldn’t be. 

Thus, in the end, this is nonetheless a pretty cool video, thoughtfully made and very well executed.

So, here it is. Oh, and don’t forget to visit their YouTube channel. They have a few more covers that are pretty well done.

Label: Self-Released  | Web: Facebook
Release date: 16 November 2018

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