Epica – Design Your Universe (2009) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Epica - Design Your Universe - Album CoverWell, is it better than the other records or is it not? After Consign to Oblivion I grew a bit wary of what I was going to find in this Pandora’s box that this band usually delivers. Much to my relief, Epica‘s fourth studio album Design Your Universe is probably one of the better records – previous and past. It kind of sounds like a mix between Delain, Within Temptation and Nightwish fueled by top quality vitamins. They actually quite shamelessly erred on the latter’s territory.

But seriously, this is probably one of the most authentic and complex albums this side of The Phantom Agony. Even if the cheese has grown exponentially in some of the tracks. And as is custom, Epica – or more their fearless leader Mark Jansen – have again chosen a difficult and almost scientific target of desire, which is how things connect together in sub-atomic way of thinking, no less. Oh my…! [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

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But, where is the #Metal? This is the question I asked myself since starting with this record. It kind of gets off the ground with some theme seemingly from the Pirates of the Caribbean or something and then - more symphonic orgasms by the dozen. But the metal? The METAL?

'Tis a most strange production! Or is the 2nd studio album 'Consign to Oblivion' of the Dutch Symphonic Metal band 'Epica' just an example of playing it safe? But as they like to call their style Gothic Metal - well, this is kind of an important question.

The theme is - of course - again of the sophisticated kind.

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Ah, I am relieved!! Just listening to 'Epica' and their June 2003 debut concoction 'The Phantom Agony' and I am really taken aback by the quality and depth of this production - what a nice surprise. Especially after just having reviewed their 2014 Little Booklet of Night Horrors 'The Quantum Enigma', which was kind of out of control, a real pity by the way. And I really feared to be presented with something similar. Usually I am not too fond of operatic productions; most of the time too much pretentious bombastic bullshit to keep a straight face with.