Newsflash: All Else Fails claim The False Sanctuary!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - All Else Fails - The False Sanctuary - Album Cover

Okay, it is Punk Rock, but a hefty dose of it. No, actually this disk is so Progressive Metal, Frozen Sand just got themselves a partner in crime. Hell no all over again, ’tis Metalcore, like from Finland of all places.

But I must beg to differ again. The False Sanctuary from the Canadian band All Else Fails is all of the above. I have rarely heard a band that managed to marry all these styles together in quite such a comprehensive and alluring fashion. Not to forget that – usually – the RockmusicRaider deck crew does not exactly drool over whatever ‘core’ flashes itself at them from the metal underground.

Yet here, them boys from Edmonton just let the right mix of punk, hardcore, and – for sure – progressive in their metal to keep things nicely spicy. So that you actually will return for seconds. That said, we do appreciate a juicy slice of sludgy punk together with some added extra metal over here at times. But just enough to soothe our metal-laden ears a little.  

It would also behoove you to pay attention to the lyrics. True to its punkish roots, The False Sanctuary is full of painful themes that currently ail the world. Delivered in direct language, yelled at the audience with weighty emotions of all sorts. In a way, All Else Fails seem to me like those lost warriors wanting to save the world. Or, as the band leader said, he has a – and I quote – “crippling sense that we are well past the point of return.” Well said.

Yet, by and large, this record delivers a juicy mélange of styles that renders their metal palatable to a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible. On the other hand, the band still keeps a tasty and staunch aggression alive, as Metalcore and Hardcore Punk adepts must. And this will definitely keep the moshpit in passion for this band, too.

Well done, we enjoyed listening to this blurb. Keep ’em coming, will ya?

Label: Suicidal Bride Records | Web: Facebook
Release date: 13 December 2018

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