Karkaos – Children of the Void (2017) – Review

Last updated on 10 July 2020

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RockmusicRaider Review - Karkaos - Children of the Void - Album Cover I just started twirling Children of the Void from the Canadian band Karkaos. Well, hell’s bells, this beat hitting my sound system from the cold Atlantic shores seemingly delivers some déjà-vu mix of Avantasia and a healthy tot of SireniaA much more ballsy version, though, and Avantasia would have to come down from their lofty heights and add some serious friggin’ crunch to match that.

The enigma however lies in the supposed weakness of the metal during these first minutes. Because the Canadian metal and rock community usually does have [...] Click to raid more!

Delain – Moonbathers (2016) – Review

Last updated on 12 January 2021

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RockmusicRaider Review - Delain - Moonbathers - Album CoverI’ll be damned, time flies really fast. It is already ten years and five full length albums down the road for the Dutch Symphonic and Gothic Metal band Delain. Now crowned with their latest record Moonbathers

Already their very first album Lucidity impressed me greatly. To find a debut of an unknown band at such a level of professionalism was astounding. The whole record exuded a freshness and carefree attitude that – sadly – started lacking on future albums.

And of course the undeniable vocal powers – then and now – of [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Canadian Black Metallers Eohum attack again in March!

Last updated on 10 July 2020

RockmusicRaider - Eohum - Ealdfaeder - Album Cover Whoa! Somebody is fucking with my brain!

Just listening to the streamer screamer extract The Apathetic Plague from Eohum‘s latest EP Ealdfaeder. And they are going deep down. Deep, deep down to the essence of Black Metal, with a somewhat doomish and atmospheric tinge.

Then out of the black abyss they hit you with some Progressive elements in their tune. By doing so Eohum create their very own brand in this vast Black Metal universe.

Well, by Thor’s mighty hammer, that is really not bad.

Ealdfaeder features guest drummer Simon Mackay on a [...] Click to raid more!

Kamelot – Haven (2015) – Review

Last updated on 2 October 2020

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RockmusicRaider Review - Kamelot - Haven - Album CoverKamelot!

The name sends you echoes of mystical events way back in time. To King Arthus’ court of the round table of valiant knights. An epic era much shrouded in fabulously famous legends of all kinds. And here we are expecting something stellar around these lines. Metal at its best.

And I am getting something that somehow sounds like it, but it just does not quite feel right. Epica made the same mistake lately with their 2014 disc The Quantum Enigma– the overdone turkey one, with too much gravy. Too much over-compressed bombast, [...] Click to raid more!