Wolfbastard – Hammer The Bastards (2022) – Review

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Wolfbastard - Hammer The Bastards - Album Cover

I am angry today. Very angry. A black rage roars through my innards with voices screaming for bloody revenge. But of course, we all know that nothing good will come out of anything physical. So, RMR himself dove deep into the review pipeline to find a slab of the darkest and most brutal metal that is spoiling for a fight in the acid dregs of the lowest layers of our stockpile of rusty steel. Because – believe it or not – harsh metal can be therapeutic and calm things down. The good Dr. Bastard on a roll, dressed in once-white … [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash – Ancst unleash Moloch’s fury!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Ancst - Moloch - Album Cover

Talk about fury! Moloch‘s fury to be precise. You know, the child eater, the epitome of an evil creature. Ancst just created a new version of this godly being.

The ingredients? Unlimited rage and blackened, crusty Hardcore and Crust Punk. Throw in some melodic elements and ready is Moloch, the first full-length studio album of the German band Ancst.

The band hails from Berlin and is in existence since 2011. Being totally underground, they released a series of cassette-only EPs, some splits and compilations, now backing everything up with this newest record.

Their somewhat unusual credo of … [...] Click to raid more!