Ensanguinate – Eldritch Anatomy (2022) – Review

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Ensanguinate - Eldritch Anatomy - Album Cover

Sometimes I yearn for that basic, barebone sound. Rough-hewn, deathly rhythms unspoiled by modern tropes. Downturned, scratchy guitar riffs, drum work to beat you senseless, and growls that seem to emanate from one of the special corners of the Lightbringer’s abode. Olden times revived through metal-fused nostalgia? Yeah, kind of.

It’s during one of those discovery sessions, rummaging through the vilest dregs of that blackened soul, that Ensanguinate plunged into the review pipe. But it’s not only the intriguing band name that kinda stopped us in our tracks but also Eldritch Anatomy‘s album cover. Made by none other than … [...] Click to raid more!