Mighty Oaks – Howl (2014) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Mighty Oaks - Howl - Album CoverSometimes the process of reckoning and reasoning @ RockmusicRaider is unfathomable. No rhyme nor reason seems to be apparent when it comes to record selection for the ever-important review list. The one that decides – sometimes on a whim – who’s gonna get on the blog. 

Then we sometimes enigmatically decide to cover older records first, before the new ones get a chance. Or we go for very old ones to boot; a Scorpions review just saw the light of day lately for instance. ‘Cause stubborn RMR does not listen to pop lore pundits, telling us to only cover same-year records. Or the world will stop and you will drop off.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Passenger – All the Little Lights (2012) – Review

It was one of these 'interesting, tell me more' experiences that got me looking into the British gig  'Passenger', which basically consists of Mike Rosenberg as lead and studio musicians. And indeed so - he basically runs this outfit more or less on his own after the official break up of the band back in 2009.  

Little chipmunk voice seemingly coming from the Master of Nerds letting off steam over everyday issues, sometimes of the trivial kind, sometimes with more substance, but not really getting up to speed with his music.