Ukrainian bands @ RMR, a summary!

RockmusicRaider - Ukraine Coverage 2022

Since its inception, the RMR webzine offers band coverage from 40 countries all over the world, plus a handful of outfits that garnered the label ‘international’. And that is simply because they’re not really based in any one country, but sport members scattered all about the blue planet. Ukraine is part of that august assembly of territories that we currently cover.

Now, the recent unsavory, violent, and utterly catastrophic events in that country made us ponder how we could better support these artists on our blog. And this with the limited means that a music webzine like ours has at its disposal. Any such help would also benefit Ukrainian PRs1) and other players working with RMR to get reviews and news to you.

So, below you find a list of Ukrainian metal bands that caught our attention over time. And surprisingly, all of them come in at reasonably high ratings. Which – again – is an indicator of the pretty outstanding quality those folks bring to your turntable.

And what can YOU do to help? It’s simple. Feel free to link, like, and share their content best you can. Also, why not spend a few bucks on their music or merch? I guess that any hard dollar on their accounts will be welcome. So, here’s to the bands on our roster.

The list:

Now, don’t be a stranger and start helping those bands. And if you have already done so, here’s a big Thank You from the RMR crew.

Be safe, and play loud. Until we meet again.


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