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You have to give it to them. Epica are hugely popular and – in a way – have become the embodiment of the Symphonic Metal mainstream. And that might not necessarily be a good thing. Just sayin’.

Yet here, their newest clip Abyss of Time netted over a million views on YouTube with the piece only a few days out of the box. That’s called stellar and global reach. You may like their wares or you may not, but they do hit a nerve with the soft metal folks out there.

And indeed, the hunger for more epic bombast from that corner of the metal multiverse seems to be as acute as ever. And for cause. The quality of the new clip fashioned by Grupa 131) in Poland is mature to a point.

Sumptuous and somewhat tarty costumes, mystical landscapes thought to harbor witchcraft for centuries, and a theme ripe for all sorts of outlandish shenanigans. In other words, we got ourselves a bunch of stereotypes that support a song of a somewhat bland structure. One that the band tried to beef up even more through rapid-fire changes of symbols and scenery.

At the very least, the clip appears to be in line with Epica‘s former full-length record. Only, here the band seems to fight this epic battle between Symphonic and Power Metal. Or, if strings grow stale, you just add a slice of Nightwish, Ayeron, and – behold – some of the darker urges of metal fantasy land2). Not that this necessarily is a good thing.

All would end here if only Simone Simons would not dazzle the audience with a pretty stellar vocal performance. Straight in your face, crystal clear – and somewhat reminiscent of Epica‘s unplugged offerings. That’s indeed a step in the right direction. Because – often – their acoustic versions of songs of any record sounded better than the real thing.

So, with all these observations out of the way, Abyss of Time awaits thee. As we said, this is a good and mature video with brilliant moments. Only, we don’t quite know what to make of it yet. Omega3) will tell us, I guess.

Label: Nuclear Blast Records | Web: Official Band Site
Release Date: 9 October 2020


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