Video: Gloryhammer hit the Terrorvortex!

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The Dundee-based space cowboys from Gloryhammer are on the prowl again. In anticipation of their upcoming album Legends from Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex, the band released their first video. Impeccably called – well – Gloryhammer

And – I daresay – they’re not holding back. Superman flying through space screaming his tune, interstellar rockets never hitting the target. And Thomas Winkler, who tries to be something of a Thor, swinging the mighty hammer of glory to ward off the evil forces of the galaxy.

And I really did admire Christopher Bowes on his snazzy circular keyboard that truly has this intergalactic look and feel.

Holy space cow, we’re in it for a new starry spectacle, lathered in cheese made from the milk of unicorns from outer space. Even if – right now – this video more feels like a mix of Within Temptation and late Kamelot. With some added vitamins directly delivered from Andromeda, mind you.

But hey, the RMR deck crew will judge once we get this mighty load of space cargo delivered to our doorstep. We had a lot of fun with Gloryhammer‘s last full length. And will expect nothing less with the 2019 edition of enraged unicorns.

So, here’s the video:

Label: Napalm Records  | Web: Official Site
Release date: 12 April 2019

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