Newsflash: Hartsbane release As Summer Dies!

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I always thought the Germans beat everyone to the punch with their proverbial efficiency. But here we have Hartsbane, who stated that they will launch their new EP As Summer Dies on 20 April 2019 at 20.00 h, or so it said on their website.

Well, I’ll be damned. There you go for 20/20 foresight. This puts even the Swiss to shame, where trains need to leave on the millisecond. Lest a national emergency be declared swiftly and without remorse.

But jokes apart and whatever the case may be, the Israelis from Hartsbane trade in a somewhat watery mix of good ‘ol’ ’80s Heavy Metal and a special brand of a more modern Heavy Rock. And – indeed – the Iron Maiden-esque kick-off Tame really left us unconvinced.

It is only further down the short tracklist that the band around Lev Kerzhner really gets going, and shows us some of their undoubted qualities. Be it the corny Nobody Knows that delivers with some reasonable power à la Vinyl HeroOr the pretty sturdy solos that kinda hide here and there.

Then again, you get an inkling of a true metal war cry from time to time. Not quite at levels of Dream Evil or Ms. Hayes yet, but I am sure this savoir-faire does lurk somewhere. Out there, where the untamed energies live.

The acoustics piece – Tomorrows Rain – totally took me by surprise. Not because it is really outstanding, but it confirms that penchant for variety. And that – last, but not least – Hartsbane really is nobody’s bitch and will go down its own path. And so it should, indeed.

That said, As Summer Dies kinda mystified us. We loved the variety, the thoughtful lyrics, and the willingness to go further and play the extra mileTracks written by a band with true talent, yet for some reason, all that goodness comes across as a tad bloodless.

In other words, the RMR deck crew does look forward to their full-length album that will surely see the light of day. But then with some power in their tune and real crunch in the delivery. Really untamed, as metal should be.

Hartsbane are:
Lev Kerzhner – vocals
Amit Fortus – guitars
Alon Shulman – bass
Aviram Zeevy – drums

Have some:

Label: Self-Released  | Web: Facebook
Release date: 20 April 2019

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