Video: Holy Diver Unplugged on Deep Dark River!

RockmusicRaider Video - Deep Dark River 2018

Who remembers the priest in chains flung into the roaring sea by the daemon? I do for sure. These were the times when Heavy Metal got an uplift and Holy Diver emerged. A record that – incidentally – also appeared on our first installment of the Old’n’Tasty series. Delivered by a crystal clear voice and ended up as a classic after so many years. Dio really took off with that record and the track that went with it.

Deep Dark River run by Morgan Rider (SIG:AR:TYR, Vesperia) just released this tasty cover of the track Holy Diver. As an acoustic, unplugged version, no less. And delivered in a somewhat solemn, wayward fashion by Rider and in a way that has been quite unheard of to this date.

Deep Dark River already produced a number of covers, the most notable one being Allure of the Earth by Woods of Ypres. The band plans to unchain a full-length record later in 2018 with all original material. We can’t wait to discover what they will get us.

Now, without further ado, here is Dio‘s Holy Diver as conceived by Deep Dark River. Enjoy! 

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