Within Temptation – The Silent Force (2004) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Within Temptation - The Silent Force - Album CoverThe album ‘The Silent Force’ is a cool one – following ‘Mother Earthin spirit, if not in sound – albeit a bit softer and more … mainstream.
Within Temptation have crafted a great 3rd studio album with ‘The Silent Force‘ that will hook you right from the beginning.
Some voices indicate that the metal is lacking (true), that Within Temptation has strayed from the true path of Gothic Rock to something more melodic (also true) and that they only did this to attract new fans (me, for example, so partly true).

But then, death grunts have not sold a lot of records lately in the Gothic and Symphonic arena and the style they are deploying IS varied and DOES change in the course of the album – really remarkable.

Sharon den Adel  – again – is the soul of the album and adds a good, personal touch to the songs throughout the record and finally a lot grace to the production. And luckily so, because without a good front this album would sound very flat. So, a real Within Temptation album in my book, but methinks also a crossroads to a future change of style.
But back to ‘The Silent Force’ – I won’t go into much detail, all the tracks are good, except one or two. Especially remarkable are ‘See Who I Am‘, ‘Stand My Ground‘, ‘Pale‘ – the heartbreak in this one is amazing, ‘Angels‘ – the epic fight between good and evil – and ‘Aquarius‘. 
On the negative, the album might lack a bit of the originality of former and later productions and could have used some more oomph, but this is still good quality with good sound.

In conclusion, The Silent Force is one of the best – if not THE best – album Within Temptation ever did. A little less metal in appearance and more rocky, though, there is almost no track on this production that is NOT good. Coherence, passion and powerful delivery make this record worth your time and should most definitely form part of your collection.


Record Rating: 9/10 | Label: GUN Records | Web: Official Site

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