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Last updated on 31 December 2020

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Hard Reset‘s 2015 and first full-length album Machinery & Humanity released on CD in Europe in February of 2015.

The band hits you with some sort of a subdued, but very refined style of their own brand of rock. Often in the vein of their punk brethren with a distinct grungy flavor at times. Like some seriously toned-down mix of Nightmen and Nirvana combined.

The inclusion of some prog elements is sometimes surprising, but at a much less flashy level than their partners in crime of this very particular universe. 

Their music has got soul, however. Well thought through and refined, whereas the lyrics for sure would need some quality overhaul sometimes.

The band of three formed back in 2011 and finally established themselves in the beautiful city of Firenze. 2012 followed a first EP, which got crowned in 2015 by their first full-length album, recorded at MathLab Studios just outside of Florence. Their refreshing and varied rock style will – whilst still in need for refinement – catch you off-guard and make you listen.

Sergio Strada – vocals, guitar
Luca Murano – Bass
Mauro Macchia – Drums, vocals 

Machinery & Humanity is well worth your time, even if this is not metal nor tough-as-nails glowing hot rock. Far from it.

I daresay however that they will need to inject some oomph in future if they want to progress further down that tough, unforgiving rocky road.

Have a taste:


Label: Sliptrick Records  | Web: Facebook

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