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RockmusicRaider Review - Insomnium - Across the Dark - Album CoverWhen the cold dark wind is howling through the countryside with a bleak moon illuminating the wolves looking for sorry beasts to hunt down, then this is about the mood the 2009 album Across the Dark from the Finnish metallers Insomnium appears to transmit to the poor listener – unless you are a Metal Fan and a melancholic Melodeath Fan to boot. 

But relax: Nothing there about poor fans and such, this is stellar Melodic Death Metal produced by Insomnium and I absolutely love the way they present their music. Of course (and we know it), this band spouts a gloomy style.

This reminds you of bleak landscapes and you really want – in a desperate way – to be depressed and look for some Xanax. Across the Dark is the music you would listen to on the South Pole whilst your buggy races along the cold plains of unknown Kadath, looking for untold horrors (I am getting philosophically Lovecraft-esque – come here, Cthulhu).

Brutal and extended riffs, some of them fast, others again slow and almost hypnotic in style, heavily distorted guitars, growls that come through at very low levels of the (almost subconscious) spectrum, and then again replaced by clear voice parts in some of the tracks. And this is the essence of this band of musicians.

Unfortunately, the compressions rises to high levels. This makes all music elements kind of blend into each other, which is a pity. It would have behooved Insomnium to get with a better quality sound studio. To get them tracks that actually have the spread to take it all in and give them the breadth of production worthy of their qualities.

And not least for the sake of the lyrics, which are actually quite good (doom and gloom). In their 2014 record Shadows of a Dying Sun this has (or seems to have) happened. It actually already improved with One for Sorrow. But back in 2009, hmm – different story, by the way the same goes also for the follow-on of Across The Dark, just not so very pronounced.

Those who have read a few of my reviews already know that I am not very fond of intros – usually. However, the exceptions confirm the rules as we say – for Insomnium this does not apply. Cool stuff and a worthy start to get with the follow-on Down with the Sun. This one is absolutely superb Melodeath. OK, some death metal purists again argue that Insomnium did not cut the track into too many pieces, so that we earthlings cannot discern any melody anymore – but WTF!!

Where the last Wave Broke takes you along a journey, harsh in the beginning, hypnotic for the rest with some quite great riffs in between – kind of along the lines of what I mentioned up above. Very varied and it needs some courage to get beyond the opening of the song – improves with age as we say. The following tracks The Harrowing Years and Lay of the Autumn kind of hit the same spot, but both are not as good as the former track # 2.

Then the rest, hmm, the REST!! Not bad, but some of that stuff smells the filler. Again, this is not AC/DC, so things are not that straightforward and easy. Still good Melodeath, but – gosh – somehow just missing the essence of the band by inches, if not yards. Difficult to pin that one down and describe. 

I am a little disappointed by the very last track Weighed Down with Sorrow. Not bad, but again somehow missing depth. Gosh. Actually the track starts well. But just about when you want to start some headbanging, it seriously loses steam, which is a real pity. It does pick up some more power later in the song. To an extent only and it ends with a somewhat unexpected flourish.

Overall Across the Dark is very good Melodic Death Metal of the Doom (and gloom) kind. I quite love the album, but it has more filler stuff in there than the other future productions together. One can of course argue that at that time they still tried to find their identity (my ass, yeah..). But some of that stuff comes through a little flat, if this expression can be used with them. It is great news that in later albums they were able to work their style better and to their advantage.


Record Rating: 7/10 | Label: Candlelight Records | Web: Official Site

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Reminds me a lot of Iced Earth’s “Night of the Stormrider”, but with gutterals. There was a certain magic on that record that I haven’t seen recreated until just now and that’s saying something since it was so influential on me.