Awake in Dead, in The Eyes of Desolation!

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You know, I am not sure what really stuck with me. And made me listen (much) longer than I usually do when doing selections for the review and news lists.

It must be this darkly threatening mix of Gothic Metal with Progressive Metal trends and elements thrown all over their tune.

With enough chaos and dissonance to keep you on your toes and awake. Add some crunchy metal ice-cubes into this Mojito in front of you and ready is your desolate cocktail for the evening.

The Eyes of Desolation just unleashed their newest EP Awake in Dead onto the unsuspecting world this early 2016. Somewhat eerily reminiscent of Moonspell in a way with a pinch of Todtgelichter. And – whilst not really representative – their tune often reminds me weirdly of NDH offshoots like Hanzel and Gretyl. This slight industrial flavor is often just too pertinent.

The band actually hails from Costa Rica. A neck of these worldly woods that is not really known as a haven for Gothic Metal in general. Yet they have been messing with metal since 2008. The band already released the first album in 2013 called Songs for Desolated Hearts.

Disturbingly dark and ominous, Awake in Dead will work itself under your skin and stick to you like glue. And it’s not only Gothic Metal that awaits your earphones. Shouted lyrics that we more attribute to bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse are met with a rocky power that usually emerges from different corners of this multiverse. And towards the end, they break out those meaty riffs that we usually find in Heavy Metal. Only, this record contains none of that.

In other words, you get a delicious mess of styles that will never bore you until the short 25 minutes peter out. And it is that variety that is also the EP’s core strength.

The band delivers tracks that range from metallic toughness to – well – dreamy, almost ballad-like offerings. And it always delivers in their somewhat low to mid-tempo trademark speed. Radar’s won’t catch them, that’s for sure.

Finally, Awake in Dead sports a weirdly soft, yet powerful style of metal fusion. Tastily melodic, yet never cheesy, it lumbers forward on its metallic legs like some powerful and unstoppable machine. And this renders this blurb pretty irresistible to yours truly.

This is a good record. So, if you ain’t got it, get it. It will be worth your money.


Label: Symbol of Dom. | Web: Facebook
Release date: 28 February 2016

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