Newsflash: Cryptae turns Vestigial!

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You’re standing in front of two doors. The right one painted in brightly lit colors, leading you to the music of light. The left one in the blackest of all black, oozing reddish liquids out of old and tired cracks of reeking, ancient wood.

Your mood is somber and – black. And you take the path to the left because your dark urges take you there.

Join me in the realm of Cryptae, where this Dutch outfit goes all Vestigial on you. Because Nomen est Omen, you will find no flesh on the bones, no established genre, and no rhyme or reason. Only traces of an insane everything abound wherever you turn.

A Death Metal infused realm where no norm applies and industrial meats noise. Where deranged, not quite clear melodies always attempt their sickly return but never quite succeed. And dark growls reign supreme, on darkly ominous beats.

A blackened fountain that you will return to, though. Because you take an unholy liking to its noisome splendor and confused noisy allure. This thing somehow does remind you of established Extreme Metal pieces like Dodecahedron or Human Failure, but – again – it is not quite that either.

So join me and try to decipher this unholy medley of truly Extreme Metal. The one that will stick to you. And will not let you go until you consumed the last confused note of it.

LabelTartarus Records / Sentient Ruin Lab. | Web: Facebook
Release date: 16 August 2019

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