Newsflash: Perpetual Escape gets Into My Dreams!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Perpetual Escape - Into My Dreams - Album Cover

Up for some punky Progressive Rock today? 

Perpetual Escape will give you some. Their newest album Into My Dreams serves you with a groove that for sure makes you forget your woes for a while, as you move into it.

The band refreshingly roams about them styles, tastes, and flavors that give every track a new twist. Poppy elements will stumble over parts decked out in Hard Rock. Or all of a sudden a punky rebel streak hits and they deliver stuff with the gusto of a Doc Rotten.

Other tracks again lead you progressively down some windy dirt road. And often, their underlying style really plasters this Stoner Rock flavor all over their tune, kinda The Riven style. All of that delivers in English, with a French accent to boot. The fact that they got two vocalists – male and female – is another positive. 

And for once nobody tries to impress me with growls, where there should be none. And there is no notion of Beauty and the Beast, thank Loki.

So, by and far Into My Dreams is a pleasurable, multi-flavored and power-laden Rock album that makes you want to take this convertible down this empty, hot highway, blasting away with these loudspeakers and scaring the cacti.

To go see them, no hot highways for ye. You’ll need to move to France, the Alsace region, where they talk funny. The band saw the light of day in 2010, immediately letting loose two EPs in 2010 and 2012 respectively. This is now crowned by this newest full-length Into My Dreams, released this May 2016.

Should you buy the record? Absolutely. Good stuff. And go see them live.

Label: Self-Released | Web: Official Site
Release date: 25 May 2016

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