UFO – Force It (1975) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review UFO Force It - Album CoverAha! It is possible after all! Phil Mogg kicking it up a notch in UFO‘s 4th studio album Force It. And I love it: Phil’s delivery as a vocalist on the last album Phenomenon was ok, but not really exciting. And here we get to hear a new spiced up version, basically a new version of Phil.

So, it looks like the Force It album cover seemingly with two teenagers having a go at themselves in the most complicated bathroom of the world is an omen too. With leering bathroom appliances no less – the lechers. By the way, the US cover used a ghost picture of the couple, a see-through version of it. They thought that this picture was too racy to be consumed by the dumb public. Danger of perverting the mean streets of the US of A. Puritan idiots at work, I kid you not.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

UFO – Phenomenon (1974) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review UFO Phenomenon - Album CoverThe first album Phenomenon of the Schenker years and the 3rd studio record in the long history of UFO is probably also one of the best. Nomen est Omen! Because young Michael Schenker and his guitar prowess hit the Hard Rock scene like a bomb back in time. Coming over from the Scorpions, he actually launched UFO on this track of stellar Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with a more melodic approach. And – I daresay – a fuller sound to their music than other bands of this era were able to do. And also because the album is not yet very refined. Like a bunch of rough diamonds, not yet cut and polished. The raw stuff. Go and take that, big guy. ‘Cause later albums like Lights Out or Force It showed a much shinier veneer already. But more to that in in their very own reviews.

Phenomenon is also proof of too much influence.

Any undue focus on any one member’s genius of the band can end up in a negative spin to the overall quality of the record. Apart from some of the rockier tracks, the album gives you this gut impression of someone holding the horses. Not letting this waggon run at full speed as it should. And THIS is a pity really, even if the overall product is not bad at all. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!