UFO – Review Series – Schenker Years

RockmusicRaider Editorial - UFO - Collection Schenker YearsIf there is one underrated band in the long history of rock and metal, then it is the British band UFO. Founded in 1968 by Phil Mogg, UFO proved to be one of the forerunners of the Hard Rock and Metal multiverse that we enjoy today. They have today some 22 studio albums under their belt, with an added score of live records and other versions to boot. UFO‘s latest album reached our shores in 2017, no less. Still going strong after after some 50 years of service.

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Metal Survey! Find your Metal Roots.

RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Metal SurveyWhere are your Metal Roots? Do you have any at all? Are these black tee’s you are wearing genuine or fake metal? Questions over questions.

Since its inception, the RockmusicRaider blog was most active in all things Metal. This multifaceted genre brings about opinions in anyone, pretty much through the spectrum of emotions – from disgust to delight. From the most extreme harshness to metallic tinges so very soft, we hardly can call it metal anymore. In short, from fans to haters, everyone is moved and – more importantly – has an opinion on it.   

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UFO – Lights Out (1977) – Review

[Updated and newly published version]

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RockmusicRaider Review - UFO - Lights Out - Album CoverI admit, the British rock band UFO is one of my long time favorites. They have created great, great Hard Rock over time and helped pave the way into what is today called metal. 

One of the best periods in the distinguished career of UFO are indisputably – what is commonly called – the Schenker years. Back in the ’70s, a super-gifted young lad, almost too young to be that good a guitarist joined this band led by Phil Mogg in search of a riff maker. Who better [...] Click to raid more!