Cradle Of Filth – Dusk… and Her Embrace (1996) – Review

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Cradle of Filth - Dusk... and her Embrace - Album Cover

There are records that you gotta be in the mood for. And all of Cradle of Filth‘s pieces kinda qualify for that sentiment. The level of crazy intensity, the ceaseless high-pitched screams, the endless gallivanting in between the world of gothic moodiness and speedy blackened Extreme Metal tend to wear out even the sturdiest of metalheads. But in turn, CoF would not be itself if that ferocity would suddenly evaporate and be replaced with something that – I don’t know – Amaranthe would do, for instance. What a blasphemous thought, though, right?

Now, the question comes to mind, when … [...] Click to raid more!

Metallica – Load (1996) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Metallica - Album Cover

The 1996 album Load of Metallica really was the red-headed stepchild of my music collection for a long time. It got to be the sandwich in between the self-titled Black Album and Reload with The Unforgiven II. Only Load did not contain anything unforgiven or any excitement that we could write home about.

But is this really so? Did they really lose the rudder and compass at the same time, as some of my brethren suggested? Kinda adrift in strange oceans and lost on unknown lands.

Well, perhaps the fact that Thrash Metal firmly departed out the door played a [...] Click to raid more!

Rotting Christ – Triarchy of The Lost Lovers (1996) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Rotting Christ - Triarchy of the Lost Lovers - Album Cover

The new year is still fresh, so what better moment than this one to reflect on some old metal for a change.

Old? The ’90s are old? Well, yeah, if you look at the rapid-fire development all things metal took since then. We sure show a totally different landscape today, if compared to all these years ago.

And for sure again, if you look at the style changes Rotting Christ took over the years to the present day. Triarchy of the Lost Lovers really got us a fresh look at things and delivered powerfully well.

In essence, 1996 was a

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Amorphis – Elegy (1996) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Amorphis - Elegy - 1996 - Album Cover

We write the Year of the Lord 1996. The folks from Amorphis just about came to some real fame with their heavy and very Death Metal oriented 2nd studio album Tales from the Thousand Lakes. Everyone now eagerly awaited something similar from their next concoction.  

Now here comes their 3rd studio brainchild Elegy. And what have we found? A helluva change, that’s for sure. Amorphis is happily throwing in Folk and synth-pop elements. Stuff laced with very heavy Melodic Death Metal – growls and all. This mixes with Progressive Metal, atmospheric passages, and ’70s style parts on keyboards and guitars. You got it all. I … [...] Click to raid more!