The Reticent – On the Eve of a Goodbye (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - The Reticent - On the Eve of a Goodbye - Album Cover

I love Progressive Metal. This is where metal meets the grey unknown. Far, far away from the ‘established’ legions of bands. Those that seemingly always want to produce more of the same. 

Of course, Progressive Metal covers lots of sins and it takes a lot of musical skills to produce good content. On the other hand, the style is usually also an indicator of much creative energy at work. Of that urge to go the extra mile.

Now, a large crowd out there professes that their forte lies in the progressive nirvana of the metal universe. Many of them strum a few djents, madly hit the percussion, howl weirdly around the stage and call this … [...] Click to raid more!