Stream of Passion – A War of Our Own (2014) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Stream of Passion - War of our Own - Album CoverThis is the thing with Evanescence sound-alikes. Often imitated, never matched – not quite getting there. That kind of thing, right? Well, the style of the Dutch band Stream of Passion for sure creates a déjà-vu of sounds past. But just calling their music this or that is somewhat simplistic. 

Their newest 2014 production A War of Our Own comes across like a typical Symphonic Metal band with a strong Progressive influence, sounding a bit like everything and anything in the genre. When starting to listen, you first hear some Evanescence in their tune. Later other names come to mind. Like Diabulus in Musica, Within Temptation, Illuminata – you name it. A mixed bag.

It appears the band fronted by Marcela Bovio (from Mexico – surviving in cold, cold and very flat Holland) embraced many different elements of the genre to create something varied and for sure quite their own mix of remedies to avoid despair.

This new, more self-owned style was created after their departure from Napalm Records. They insist that the cooperation with the latter – surprisingly to me – did not work out for them. They instead went out to Crowd Funding, raising close to 45’000 EUR on their own to get this record produced. 

The first four tracks – Monster, A War of our Own – the title song, The Curse and Autophobia – are rocky, varied  and surprising. Just good, the way I like my music. 

But then – when you get excited and really start to concentrate, the album loses steam big time. I would not call it a bad ending, but Stream of Passion lost themselves in a mix of progressive elements. Kind of losing the impression they built before and which was just about starting to sound really good. And sometimes it almost gets into Jazz Rock.

This is also the time when the bricks start building that wall around the tracks. On some tracks like Burning Star the rampant compression almost gets the better of the track. 

Mind you, this is not all bad. For example Delirio is an excellent track in a geeky kind of way. Once you get past the terrible beginning, that is. Exile is noteworthy, too. And I like their alternating from English to Spanish and back. Very well done – keeps the interest up and running.

A War of Our Own is by all means an interesting piece of work. Yet for sure not all of the potential of this band is out in the open. Stream of Passion need to work on a more solid style of their own. For the moment many good things loose themselves in too much detail, wanting to be a few styles too many at the same time. An identity crisis of sorts, I would say. And – sadly – the previous records The Flame Within and for sure Embrace the Storm outpace this latest album.

Yet in the end it gets kind of addictive to listen to their music. So, I will stay tuned for more. Yet data snippets seem to indicate that this may have been their last record. But we will see, you never know. Right?


Record Rating: 6/10 | Label: PIAS/Roughtrade | Web: Official Site

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