RockmusicRaider’s Intermittent Best of… Tome I – The first few Months!

cool-guitarWell, hells bells! This was quite a run from no website a few months ago to a blog that starts to pay off to some very, very limited fame. Still going strong, writing reviews left, right and center – investing what little time my already busy schedule leaves me.

The first review that started me off was ‘Hydra‘ from Within Temptation – frankly not the best these guys ever produced – a friggin’ attempt to get into mainstream. A pity if you think that they produced stellar stuff before, real pearls like ‘Enter‘ or ‘The Silent Force’, which still send shivers down my spine for some of them tracks in there. Real emotion!

Black Sabbath then came along with their latest masterpiece ‘13‘. A bunch of grumpy old men strumming away, still going strong – no meek singing, but rocking away with Doom and Heavy Metal at its best. A pity that their long-time drummer kind of lost himself looking for a contract. Good grief! This last record really reminded me of their very first album, kindred in style – by the name of Black Sabbath. And I love them for it – ways to go Ozzy, Geezer and Tony! They still play the thing that stands before me.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Black Sabbath – 13 (2013) – Review

Ha! They STILL can do it!! The grumpy old men from Black Sabbath in the original formation - minus the drummer, I wanna add. Looks like Bill Ward had issues with a contract - or the lack thereof.

'13' is like a continuation of the very first record the band produced, minus the woozy, boozy, heavily doped interludes that poisoned the early records.

The mix of deep dark riffs, heavy bass, combined with the metallic whine of Ozzy Osbourne is just irresistible. And at their age, they still show the youngsters where the masters are.