Eli van Pike – Welcome to my Dark Side (2017) – Review

RockmusicRaider Review - Eli Van Pike - Welcome To My Dark Side - Album CoverHa! RockmusicRaider is on the experimental war path again. This time with slightly new flavors that were not really present on the blog yet until now. And – in truth – those were undercurrents the local staff office did not fancy to walk into for fear of ending up in an Amaranthe-esque type of swamp. But never fret, oh fearsome one, things look a bit more juicy here than in Pop Metal nirvana.

Welcome to the realm of Oomph! and Rammstein, burning dicks and all. Plus the wide wastes of electronically tainted metal the movement Neue Deutsche Härte (NDH) likes to inhabit. 

Eli Van Pike with their brand of electronically laden Industrial Metal decided to plow those very fields many other big bands already occupied for a while. Yet, their style darkly – and sometimes starkly – stands out from these same established outfits. Even if some of that stuff really is very near to what that same competition served the public before. [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Newsflash: Balaam impersonated. By Xaon!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Xaon - Face of Balaam - Album CoverThe wicked prophet is loose with his donkey again, facing the sword wielding angel! Or something of that nature. And in Switzerland to boot.

If an EP serves – as the lore goes – to show the skills of a band in their early days, then the Swiss band Xaon hit dead center with their upcoming, self-released album Face of Balaam. Expecting some watery #metal concoction, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this tsunami rolling over me. And by Loki, these guys serve an intense and aggressive brand of their favorite #metal muesli they for sure crunch for breakfast.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!

Overtures – Artifacts (2016) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - Overtures - Artifacts - Album CoverLooks like the Mediterranean is a fertile ground when it comes to #metal of all kinds. You got the island folks on Cyprus going strong, at least one very good one dwelling in Portugal, but then there is a very important community down South in Italy too. Overtures being one of them and they are rocking away from Gorizia, right on the border with Slovenia. The band is now ready to open the doors on their newest and third full length studio album Artifacts. To me this is – not quite surprisingly – about the most mature album they produced so far.

And does Artifacts deliver?

It does for sure not saddle us with a helluva lot of novelty at first, but the question here is more: Will the album stick out from the crowd? And it does. They got their own brand cut out for them and this indeed will make all the difference, together with a very powerful crunch throughout the album. This creates this pull that will keep you on the record. The band blatantly mixes melodic Prog with Power Metal, injecting some Gothic Metal to boot. Best described as something like Nightwish meeting Arrayan Path with a stout handful of AvantasiaGot the general idea where this is going? ‘Cause on top of their very own style mix, the album has this tendency to go bombastic on ye. Okay, I give it to them: They keep it in check pretty well – luckily. And some cheese makes its appearance too, but more to that later.  [...]  Got hooked? Raid on...!