My Silent Wake – Damnatio Memoriae (2015) – Review

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RockmusicRaider Review - My Silent Wake - Damnatio Memoriae - Album Cover

Doom Metal is one of the most fascinating genres in the metal multiverse. Ranging from clear voice and female-fronted outfits, like Draconian, over the Peaceville Three to the slow marches of Funeral Doom.

And it is all about emotion. Some project tear-drenched sadness. And others again go for angry desolation, fueled by everyday issues and concerns.

And this is the emotional scale My Silent Wake project in their album Damnatio Memoriae. Doom Death Metal to be consumed with a pinch of desolation and powered by general anger, even fury. And they deliver it well.   

Damnatio Memoriae literally means Damnation of Memory [...] Click to raid more!

Newsflash: Black Oath deliver dark Litanies!

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RockmusicRaider Newsflash - Black Oath - Litanies in the Dark - Album Cover

Nary a year after having released their latest full-length album To Below and Beyond, the Italian Doom Rock and Metal band Black Oath are back. This time with an EP – a short blurb called Litanies in the Dark.

Short as it may be, it is an interesting piece of rock with a mighty metal injection. Their crystal clear style moves around tempi and moods, sometimes a bit faster and at times slow as they should.

And for once it is nice to hear clear vocals in this genre. All this is buried in meaty, slow, pounding rhythms that will [...] Click to raid more!